Switching my task manager: a comparison of two tools

For years now, I have been using “Remember the Milk” to manage my list of tasks. It’s a good program, but if you don’t pay the premium theme it only allows one refresh per day on mobile. As a result, it’s hard to use.

After reading a great review, I switched to todoist.

It’s been a week now and I am really liking it. I am using it as a desktop program) rather than having it in a browser tab and it is also running as an add-on to gmail and I have it installed in my phone.

There are two paradigms that emerge as I use the program:

  1. “Inbox Zero” is a concept that has been around a while. This program makes it easier to move away from the inbox as a list of things that need to get done.
  2. Making and completing tasks is a game. I get points for doing it. Some methods:
    *if an email is immediately actionable, just do it and archive it
    *if it will take some time, create a task for it in the Inbox
    *if there are several steps in completing the work, make a project for it and list out the tasks within the project

Todoist is a pay-for-premium service with some extra features for premium users. One that could be useful is task notes. For now, I am using it free and am linking to evernotes for note-taking

1 thought on “Switching my task manager: a comparison of two tools

  1. Hi Tim! Thank you for the link and cool that you switched to Todoist. I am also still using Todoist and haven’t looked back since. Though the Remember the Milk cow was pretty cute 😉

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