Switching from iPhone 4 to Android

My iPhone 4 was running out of space and was starting to feel older. I read that Apple discontinued support for the iPhone 4. The T-Mobile $30/month/line deal was a good deal, so I went with it and acquired the Samsung Galaxy Avant phone for around $90.

My initial feeling is that I like the hardware, but the Android OS is a lot more difficult to configure than iOS. There are lots more options and the MetroPCS phone comes with bloated software and a MetroPCS wallpaper.

A real difficulty came when I expected the phone to sync music and pictures with my Mac. It seems you need software for it. I tried Samsung Kies, but it doesn’t help you sync playlists – it seems to only sync all songs from your library. So, a lifehacker article recommended iSync Pro for $4.99. I got that and it works much better than Kies.

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