Retooling for the New Year

I’ve been keeping a running list of upgrades and system changes to do and thought I should post them as a sort of technical new year’s resolution list.

This is, admittedly, quite dorky stuff and at this point, it’s a to-do list, not a done list. Here goes:

  1. ✓ My home has an old, broken intercom system (pictured above). I took out the old guts and put Alexa inside with some good computer speakers. One special touch was to have the speaker outputs run through an analog volume control on the front of the SoundGuard;
  2. ✓ HTTPS via certbot;
  3. ✗ Android auto for safe, hands free phone us in car (fail: too limited in its options);
  4. ✓ Maybe I should stop using Resilio Sync for copying images from phone to collection. It’s quirky. PLEX has a photo upload thing. I’ll try that;
  5. ✓ LastPass password manager;
  6. I need a way to organize a decade of digital photos and remove duplicates. I like Lyn for organizing but duplicate detection is not a strongpoint;
  7. ✓ Change my personal email from on google apps to Continue using Chrome to read email;
  8. ✓ Move notes from Evernote to Microsoft OneNote;
  9. ✗ I’ve been using Todoist for a while. If OneNote handles it better, I’ll port that over too (Todoist is better);
  10. ✓ Change work email/calendar/chat from Safari to Mail, Calendar (OSX apps) and make Chrome the default browser and then setup the Hangouts Chrome extension;
  11. ✓ Spotify premium instead of strictly an mp3 collection;
  12. ✓ New bluetooth digital music player in truck (Kenwood DPX303MBT);
  13. ✓ Sprout Invoices with e-commerce via Stripe for freelance work;
  14. ✓ Will try replacing Tablo DVR with HDHomeRun configured with PLEX;
  15. ✓ A jerry can for gassing up the Gravely (because cheap plastic cans drip all over and make me a grumpy old man);
  16. ✓ A new bike.

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