On Blog Starting

I seem to have good writing ideas/intentions while I am working on tasks with a high physical :mental effort ratio  – you know, digging a hole, weeding the garden, etc. However, my interest in actually writing those things is very different when I have the opportunity to write. I think my apprehension of writing and subsequent procrastination and avoidance goes beyond laziness or having other things to do.

One factor is perceived value. I ask myself why I would write those thoughts. Would anyone read them? Do I measure value by quantity of readership? By search engine ranking? By comment quantity? By residual income?

Another factor is vulnerability. It seems that writing well about my endeavors involves being open with my readership. Everyone is different about this, but especially at the beginning stages, I feel that publishing my thoughts to the internet may lead to unwanted feedback. This deserves more thought. I think my intended audience is quite different from the real audience and I cannot control the audience in this medium.

A third factor is skill. Writing something that is to-be-published is quite different from writing a casual email message. How well do I communicate? Do I know how to use my blogging platform (e.g. what is a trackback)?

Anyway, for now I will do my best to occasionally write. I’ll try to tell myself that I am not blogging, but I am writing online and I will learn my way.

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