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I suppose most blogs start with an inaugural post announcing the writer’s intentions. Before I get to my solution, I should describe the problem that I am trying to solve.

I feel bad saying this, but the primary problem is that in a non-digital world, I am very sloppy. For example, my garden, I don’t write down what I planted and where. Also, from one year to the next, I can’t remember what is a weed and what is a plant. I should keep a log but my handwritten notebooks have been atrocious to read and I don’t keep up with them. Also, sometimes a picture, captured with a datestamp is exactly what I need for a note and again, digital is superior in that space.

My secondary problem is that I want to share with others rather than keeping my notes to myself. Sharing is easy in a digital world and a blog is an obvious solution.

My third problem is that I am under the impression that being a prolific writer and social media expert is part of my line of work and I feel like I should be doing more professional writing about web development.

My goal is for the website to be a place where I can experiment, post thoughts and document or log work being done.

Thank you for reading.

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