New Year, New Bathroom

This fall, we demolished the old tub and shower door, replacing it with a new cast iron tub, shower curtain and subway tile. Then, in December, we removed the vanity, vinyl floor and fixtures. We replaced them with cabinets that I built, new tile floor and a quartz countertop.

The cabinet doors and face frames were build with maple that was harvested from our neighborhood 2 years ago.

The Layout

The first thing that we did was define the layout using Sketchup:

A small layout with a narrow vanity. The angled countertop allows the door to open into the room.


There are a few problems with the old bathroom:

  • there are stains on the fixtures
  • the colors are awful and the walls have been discolored by condensation drips
  • there is mold and grub around the tub, especially along the shower door
  • the floor is vinyl and cracked
  • the tub is 28″ deep and really cramped
  • the closet shelves are made of oriented strand board and could be improved
  • the shower doors do not slide without serious effort


It’s nice to paint before the floor goes in.


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