Conoid Maple Nightstand

My daughter shared that she would like a nightstand. We measured the height, width and length needed and reviewed what it would hold (school-issued chromebook, phone, google home thing, her latest book). So, 16″ tall would be flush with top of the bed frame and it needed to be around 14″ wide and any length, but after 30″ might get in the way.

This project’s materials come from my bountiful maple milling project of 2018.

These dimensions were ideal for my off-cut bin, so I started last week…selecting stock. I milled and cut to size. Since the bed and wall are perpendicular, the piece would be least intrusive if it were a right triangle, or a conoid. I had an off-cut where the main trunk bifurcated to the large branch. The hypotenuse is a live edge. (see pics or leave comments if that is confusing)

Once the wood was flat, I taped the backside and filled holes with epoxy, including a tint that would darken to a dark brown color.

The base is trestled and attached to the top with figure 8 fasteners that allows for wood movement.

The new owner gladly finished the nightstand with boiled linseed oil. Installed today 🙂

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