A Good Website

I’m thinking about universal rules for what constitutes a “good website”.

  • Stable infrastructure
  • Secure hosting and application development
  • Findable: good SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Usable and easy to adopt to: “Don’t make me think”
  • Responsive to different devices
  • Meaningful: typography, color and layout convey appropriate meaning

I could be wrong but everything beyond that is about art design (image selection), editorial issues (content selection and copy writing) and system design. Those aren’t universal “website” issues.

What do you think?

Post-publish thought: After publishing, I noticed that my post didn’t have a “featured image” – something that I try to include in every post for the expressed purpose of having a “good website”.  Maybe I should get a stock photo of a frustrated computer user but that seems cliché.

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